Friday, June 27, 2014

This week's inspiration! Bethany Mota: A Story of Success

Straight from her amateur days on youtube, Bethany Mota has gained a myriad of fans. She went from shy and bullied to confident and respected!

As many of you may know, she now proudly features a clothing line in Aeropostale stores, has over 50 million subscribers, and makes millions of dollars doing what she loves.
It may seem like a dream.... but it can be your reality as well! Behind every success is the same foundation. { makeup pun ;) }
 Although her draw my life video is quite old, it is still inspiring and shows you what you can become if you put the time and effort into it. ( I know... very cheesy)

To celebrate her immaculate success, let's look back upon her years and reveal what it takes to truly shine! Also be sure to comment below if you are a Motavator to show your support!

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Travel Essentials

Hey guys it's time for a new post! In the spirit of summer I have decided to write a little something for you travelers out there! Today's post is going to be on travel essentials for your carry on bag! 

Airplane journeys can be long and boring ESPECIALLY if there is little or no in flight entertainment. How can you make use of your time? 

To start you will need a good carry on bag. Some people like having backpacks and others prefer using a large tote. It all depends on how much you need to carry  .  One thing you have to remember though is to make sure your bag isn't too heavy or bulky so it's easy to handle. 

Most of this list is quite basic but it can be easy to forget vital items 

So... Let's get started!

1- Electronics ( Phone, camera, laptop, etc.) 

2- Chargers

3- Gum/Mints

4- Snacks 

5- Books/Magazine

6- Headphones

7- Pen & Pencil (for doodling)

8- Hair accessories ( scrunchies/bobby pins)

9- Compact mirror

10- Moisturizer 

11- Lip Blam

12- Extra socks

13- Emergency money

14- Toothbrush & Toothpaste

That's all for today :) 
   Leave a comment below telling me your airplane essentials and anything I might have forgotten to mention! Also let me know if you are going anywhere this summer!

Happy traveling! 

~ Kareena <3

Monday, June 23, 2014

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Remember Me? ;)

Hey fashionistas! I'm back! I know i havent blogged in over a year but here I am! I am overwhelmed to see so much activity on my blog during my absence but it's great to know you guys have been checking it out! Thanks for all the page veiws! I plan on blogging more often now so don't be afraid to follow this blog and become an official fashionista!

New updates are coming! Stay tuned.....
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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Easy Spring Outfit Outlines!

     Hey my Fashionistas! Today I am going to share some easy spring outfit outlines! I know what you are probably wondering...... what is an outfit outline? Well never fear! I am here to explain! So, basically, an outfit outline is an overview of how to pair things and what colors or jewelry to add to create your own unique outfits for the spring! Now you guys can rock your style and add a unique twist to fashion trends that you like!

1. VESTS!!!!!

     Vests can take one of your favorite outfits and transform it into some thing new!

How to Pair: You can pair vests with a plain old t-shirt and jeans, a skirt and tee shirt for a more feminine and girly look, or dresses to spice things up!

2.  HANDBAGS!!!!!

    A handbag is a really good way to tie an outfit together! From a small clutch or wristlet to a big tote bag, the right purse can express a lot!

How to Pair: Any outfit can use a handbag! Use wristlets with dresses that are more elegant and flowy and clutches with regular cotton floral dresses! With any regular girly outfit, you can pair a shoulder bag for a girly yet functional look! Add a tote bag to any of your favorite casual outfits such as jeans and a t-shirt tie it all together!

3.  DENIM JACKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     I can not stress how helpful denim jackets are! If you are having a lazy day or you are in a rush in the morning, you can just throw a denim jacket over any t-shirt and people will think you put a lot of time into your outfit! Of course, denim jackets are even more helpful when you take the time to highlight a feature of your outfit using one of fashion's most beloved casual material: denim!

How to Pair: You can basically pair denim jackets with any outfits you desire! They serve as vests but look 10 times more fashionable! Although the more classic denim jacket is they light blue distressed denim, I feel that colored and white denim jackets have a lot more potential and fashionable appeal! They stand out and look more expensive and high end!

So thats it for my spring outfit outline today! Love you guys! BYE! :)

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